Thursday 30 April 2015

Day 30: Islington


Islington Central Library
6.30 pm
4.3 km from Covent Garden

I completely forgot to take a picture of the front so here is an image of the cake I was given instead.

This was a triumph.

I apologise for the fact that that as the month has worn on my blogs have become somewhat, shall we say, abbreviated. I'd also like to say that the many librarians, library assistants, DACSOs(1), archivists and people that wandered into the library and never left I met were all wonderfully welcoming and generous.

The whole thing started at Islington Central when I foolishly mooted the idea that I should visit every borough and it was fitting that this was the last audience...

 That's actually Sophie Calder on the far left of the front row - she's a publicist for Orion Books and mostly to blame for all this.

(1) Direct Access Customer Service Officers

NEXT: um.... sleep, lots and lots of sleep!

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