Saturday 22 September 2007

Walking On Stilts

As I sat here biting my fingernails to the quick while I waited for the latest development on [CENSORED] it occurred to me that television and film production is liking walking around on a huge pair of stilts, you can make great strides but sometimes you have to lurch backwards to maintain your balance, the least little obstacle can bring you down and you can never, ever stand completely still.

This random thought was brought to you by the letter aghhhh!

Monday 10 September 2007

The Confidentiality Bleep

Part of the problem with writing a blog when you're a script writer is that you are expected to keep your mouth shut pretty much until the start of principle photography...

... and even then it's advisable just to say what the publicity replicant tells you to...

...and god forbid that you contradict the producer in any way...

Or the director...

Or the caterer for that matter.

As a result I'm bubbling to let the two people who (alledgedly) read this blog that I this close to getting my first [CENSORED] which is what every script writer wants and what's more it's [CENSORED] and based on an original pitch by me - [CENSORED] meets [CENSORED] in fact. [CENSORED] at [CENSORED] says that they could have the deal signed by the end of [CENSORED].

Now you can see why I'm terribly excited - especially since this will be [CENSORED].

Monday 3 September 2007

The £25 Autograph

Call me backwards but I never knew you could sell your autograph for £25. Well obviously I couldn't sell mine for 50p but Patrick Stewart can, so can main characters from Heroes and Lost. I discovered this while pushing product at the London Film and Comic Con where the queues for the Heroes' characters went around the block.
We all ended up in the same rather overheated green room though. I draw no conclusion from the fact that Nana Visitor and I shared a table merely that every time I think I've got a handle on 'fan' culture some new aspect of it surprises me.