Wednesday 22 April 2015

Day 22: Happy in Hammersmith, Charmed in Charing Cross


Hammersmith Library
2.00 pm
7.2 km from Covent Garden

Back once more to the shining beacon of urban living that is West London. This time I had to lug a lava lamp(1) with me in the taxi so I could deposit it with Andrew Cartmel. He's the guy looking all relaxed and cheerful in the front row below. It was a birthday present for his birthday which explains why he's looking so cheerful.

Another unexpectedly lively lunchtime audience which was actually larger then this picture suggests.


Charing Cross Library
6.00 pm
0.4 km from Covent Garden

Charing Cross Library, which serves London's Chinatown, has 50,000 Chinese language books and 4 Chinese speaking staff. It is deceptively small on the outside but turns out to be very grand on the inside.

This had the biggest audience I've had so far in central London.

This was a fun audience asked me lots of difficult questions without hesitation. However since I'd broken my glasses I had no idea what they looked like until I put this picture up - what a handsome bunch they are too.

NEXT: Ealing (unless it has seceded) and the far distant western edge of Civilisation a.k.a. Hillingdon.


Russ said...

I think that you may have left out the footnote for the lava lamp. If it was meant to explain what a lava lamp is, it is not needed. Those of us who went to University in the 1960's all owned lava lamps.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this post and the nice Hammersmith Taxi Booking

Chris F said...

Love your books. I was at school in Hammersmith. Good to see the Library, where we borrowed classical LPs in an effort to seem cultured.