Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 15: The Barbican


Barbican Library
7.00 pm
2.3 km from Covent Garden

Here is the large audience I got (so big I needed to pictures). Given that the library was in the Barbican Centre, a brutalist complex that is needlessly labyrinthine even by 1970s standards, I'm amazed they all made it.

Good questions,  nice coffee, friendly librarians - I call that a result.

And next: The Idea Store (where presumably we shall buy some ideas) and then the hidden Kingdom of Enfield!

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Patrick Wirbeleit said...

Greetings from Germany! I love the Peter Grant series, I really do.I`ve just finished "Foxglove Summer" and wondered if you happen to know that Raffaello painted a nice portrait of a young lady about 1506. Not as usual with a cute little dog on her lap - to protct her maidenhood - but with a cute little unicorn!
I am an (children`s) author myself and I always thought that one day I could write a story about this picture as if it was a portrait of a real person as well as a real unicorn... it seems I sort of lost interest. Actually I`ve forgotten all about it till I´ve read Peter`s last adventure.

So if you are interested I can send you a scan from the postcard I bought at the "Galleria Borghese" - or, more Nightingale like, the actual card.
Take care!