Wednesday 29 April 2015

Day 29: Wanstead


Wanstead Library
7.00 pm
12.6 km from Covent Garden

Windows? We don't need no stinking windows!
Redbridge came as a bit of a surprise because with a name like that I expected it to be up North - as in Yorkshire or Lancashire - and to have played a vital role in the industrial revolution and/or trade union history.

There was a huge coffee and walnut cake available and despite my best efforts to give it away I ended up eating half of it. V.Bad.

What it is, it turns out, is a leafy suburb or at least the bits I saw were. Once more the spiritual successors to Albert Speer had been let loose on a library as evinced by the Leni Riefenstahl windows you can see below.

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vesper said...

Ben, you say that the spiritual successors to Albert Speer had been let loose on Wanstead Library library as evinced by the Leni Riefenstahl windows you can in your pictures. Today in contemporary London both Lord Rogers and Sir Terry Farrell are involved with the Thames Gateway City, Challenge regeneration of Deptford/New Cross where I was born, raised, educated, and then socially cleansed from. Here's a picture of the New Cross synagogue that was destroyed by German bombing in 1940. It was rebuilt in 1956 but the new building didn't match the beauty of the old, and these days it functions as a meeting place for Jehovah's Witnesses

As you know Bexleyheath Central Library was built during the closing stages of the Cold War, and it is now a designated a Human Rallying Point and Shelter during the on-going Zombie Apocalypse that began on 21st October 2013 when World War Z the Movie was released from Morrisons in Erith. Can you spot the movie mistake on Brad Pitt's TV in this clip?

Brad Pitt & I first met in Deptford.The structural interior of St Paul's is magnificent, but it has the feel of a blank canvas.

When the Hollywood team for Jordon's 'Interview with the Vampire' took over the Church, they transformed the interior to look like the interior of New Orleans Cathedral, the effect of which was wondrous in the extreme.

The C of E's Father Peter Fellowes, and Nick Daubeny the famous film location manager appointed me as Community Liaison Officer for Deptford/London on the Neil Jordan film for Hollywood Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) at St Paul's Church, Deptford SE8.

As Community Liaison Officer for London, I was partly responsible for getting all the scenes of occult gratuitous violence involving Brad Pitt and the poet Heathcote Williams cut.

I presented the script to Father John Collier of St Lawrence's R.C Church in Sidcup, and told him that I believed that the scenes involving Brad Pitt's vampire attack, and murder, of the priest played by Heathcote Williams on holy ground, were so violent that they had deliberately been omitted from the main shoot at rich New Orleans R.C Cathedral, and transferred to the poor Baroque backdrop at St Paul's C of E Deptford, who couldn't afford to say NO.

All the St Paul's SE8 scenes were cut after Father Collier's subsequent intervention, and I seem to recall Dustin Hoffman using our very words 'gratuitous violence' in an SOS film industry campaign response.

The film had a star cast, a multi million dollar budget and a 666 script.

In my professional opinion Hollywood still owes poor England 999 serious damages for that piece of artwork, which I consider to be a malevolent attack on our group soul.

Our Lady of the Assumption in Deptford High Street was built approximately 100 years before the APOSTOLIC CONSTITUTION OF POPE PIUS XII, MUNIFICENTISSIMUS DEUS, DEFINING THE DOGMA OF THE ASSUMPTION, November 1, 1950.

The reredos behind the altar won a European gold medal for interior design, and the subject of the Assumption of Mary was considered by C G Jung to be of stella importance with regard to the psycholgical development of humanity. I think he may well have been right about that, but Jung the occultist was so wrong about so many other things, I think we should concentrate on the words of POPE PIUS XII

Our Lady of the Assumption pray for us!


vesper said...

Correction - Can you spot the movie mistake on Brad's TV in this clip?

vesper said...

Ben, the picture of the South East London Synagogue, New Cross that I shared from the I Grew Up In New Cross facebook page last week has disappeared from my facebook timeline, and theirs too. Let's try again

vesper said...

Ben, here are my two facebook posts of the South East London synagogue, New Cross from today, to replace those that I posted last week, and which for no apparent reason have been removed by person or persons unknown :

Roy Hobson

Roy Hobson to I Grew up in New Cross