Friday 3 April 2015

Day 3: Interlude with a Jaguar

Ben Aaronovitch and the Great Peter Grant 
Book Giveaway

1,000 Londoners
First thing in the morning, well I say first thing actually it was around ten o'clock but it felt early and that's the important thing, I headed off for Covent Garden Waterstone to be interviewed by Mark Currie for 1,000 Londoners.
Mark Currie and his camera assistant Shelana Thomas

1000 Londoners is a project to interview 1,000 Londoners on camera (duh) and personally I feel it needs no other justification than that. It's website can be found here but warning it is a total time sink.

The Giveaway!
After acquiring some enthusiastic young police cadets (alas the picture I took was too horrible even for Photoshop to fix) we headed for Covent Garden where the mighty army that is Cityrtead 2015 sprang into action...

A well oiled publicity machine.
Ben Bailey Smith was with us and to him fell the arduous task of posing with the genuine Mark II that Jaguar kindly lent us for the afternoon.

It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it
The cadets and cityread volounteers proceeded to give away about a 1,000 copies of Rivers of London andI found myself a table in a cafe which suddenly became an impromptu signing point. 

Two hours and, an estimated, 800 books later the cadets all headed off to Look Left Look Right's magic training school and headed off to see my family.

Coming Soon: Sutton Library!

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