Wednesday 1 October 2014

UK Release Date

There seems to be some confusion over the UK release date so here is the latest information.

13th November 2014


I do not have a date for the audio but I know they're trying to get it as close to the 13th as possible.

My books are not embargoed which means that bookshops and other distributors will start selling the physical copies as soon as they have them. This can be as early as ten days before publication date - it's a pain but what are you going to do?

As far as I know the US edition is scheduled for release on January 6th 2015 in Mass Market Paperback and EBOOK.


Anonymous said...

Psst, Ben: your book is called Foxglove Summer, not Foglove. Unless it's not. Um.

Manja said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will get onto my bookstore immediately to order the bloomin' UK edition, not the US one. Amateurs..

Manja said...

Aaah! That's next month!!


Harlequin said...

Yay! I'll have a slightly late birthday present! :D

*notices he has already pre-ordered

Well, the Kindle version, anyway. It would appear that Amazon cannot get the hard copy to me before the 20th.

ABrazier said...

Any more news on the audio version? :)

Alison Addicks said...

Any more news on the audio version? Kobna? Of course?

Unknown said...

Now that I have my older daughter addicted to this series, she discovered Uk I readers can get the book this week while we while and shiver in Northern NJ til Jan. (It may be we all must wait til then for the audio version. That is not so clear. )
How can a poor nearsighted American get the kindle version for now?
Can I buy hard copy from a store? Better be signed in Big Letters since I doubt I can see to read it and must give to addicted offspring as a gift.
Will there be a signing tour in US this winter? ...because your publishers made Americans wait til after Christmas and New Years to have the book, which will be all cleaned up and "fixed" with easy to understand US slang, I assume they will take equal delight in having our beloved author see America in January.