Friday 31 October 2014

My Ego Has Become Co-Terminous With The Known Universe
Rivers of London Selected as book for Cityread London 2015

Author's Ego Inflates to Size of Universe!

October 31st; in a shock Halloween announcement Cityread London have admitted that the novel Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch as their Cityread London book 2015. Neighbours were shocked when what they thought was an unexepected total eclipse turned out to be the author's ego obscuring the sun.

'We thought it was Ming the Merciless,' said Dora Reportersister (36) of Darlington. 'But it was just this huge ego.'

A UKIP spokesman said that this was exactly what happens when you allow unrestricted emigration from the Baltic states. "The first Aaronovitch's arrived in 1900 from Lithuania," said Chumley Throatwarbler UKIP's spokesman for random statements, "and they have been taking literary and intellectual jobs from British public schoolboys ever since."


LauraJ said...

Do they know you're a (searches for polite, affectionate term for pinko subversive)...a teeny bit left of centre? Delighted that they are going for something FUN, GENRE (!!) and not depressing. People might actually like reading it. Might see themselves in it.
Couldn't happen to a nicer author.

Rachel Green said...

I say, old chap! Huzzah!

Jane said...

Excellent news! Though I do wonder whether Laura's right and they don't realise how leftish you are.

Harlequin said...

Excellent, indeed. Let the subversion commence!

I have to ask, though, whether your mind got lost partway through writing that opening sentence (which often happens to me when speaking). Did you mean that Cityread London have accepted RoL as their book selection or that they've confessed to selecting it? :)

Dave Heasman said...