Friday 24 October 2014

Next Week: Olympic Spirit

I don't normally put fiction on my blog but ahead of the publication of Foxglove Summer I thought I'd put this one up. After assidiously avoiding mention of the London Olympics to avoid dating my books Gollancz asked me to write a short story for the special(1) edition of Rivers of London.

Since I was writing in advance of the actual 2012 Olympics I chose to write something that reflected back to the 'Austerity Olympics' of 1948 and as I researched I came across a particular basketball final that caught my eye...

Anyway the result will up ohe the blog on Monday.

(1) Read cashing in on the Olympics edition.


Evil Edna said...

squeak! want to sound cool but am really looking forward to reading it..... please insert cool comment below!EE

Dave Heasman said...

I read this in Waterstones and was pleased you set it in my manor - the old Harringay Stadium, stamping ground of Billy Graham and Split Waterman. But dodgy editing - Green Lanes bacame Green Park a couple of times, to mutual detriment.