Wednesday 30 May 2012

Oh No My Ego Has Exploded!

I have become so brain numbingly, vastly, successfull-ish that I have been paid the ultimate accolade of having my pull quotes on the front cover of two, count them, two novels.

The first is this eyebending cover for Samit Basu's brilliant superhero fable Turbulence.

The second is the restrained minimalist cover for Paul Cornell's high octane supernatural police procedural London Falling.


Adaddinsane said...

We're not worthy!

LauraJ said...

You might let us know when they come out. I don't know whether to resent US Amazon yet, since UK Amazon doesn't seem to list London Falling either.

pbristow said...

...And you have another reader. She discovered Peter Grant and the Vorkosiverse in the same month, lucky lady! =:o}

(In her spare time, she juggles with satellites somewhere near Saturn.)