Wednesday 16 May 2012

Currently Reading: Medieval History and Romanticism

Occasionally I get distracted and while I prepare for the completion of the next book I have been doing the ground work for a project that has long been simmering away at the back of my brain. To this end I have kindled Life in a Medieval Village by Frances and Joseph Gies and William Morris's The Well Beyond the Woods

Much of this material is also useful for book 5 which will be slightly more countrified than previous Peter Grant books. I always like to get maximum mileage out of my reading.


Leslie said...

Here is a awesome bit of reference material for Peter! (The original is probably in the Folly somewhere, no doubt...)

Chris O'Neill said...

Another book you could also read would be Montaillou by Ladurie - its based on the records of a man who became pope - after arranging the inquisition in his home town. A lot about the Albigensian Crusade in Langue d'Or regions of south western France.

Ben Aaronovitch said...

I have Montaillou on the list, especially since I'm looking for Southern European stuff.