Monday 20 July 2015

What I Did On MY Weekend.....

Apart from writing of course.


Note Foxglove Icing
On Friday I went to Leominster Library, which despite looking on the outside like a young offender's institution turned out to be lovely and airy on the inside. Plus they provided me with an enormous spread including coffee and walnut cake.

Having consumed tremendous amount of sandwiches and cake it was fat and happy Ben that did his little Q&A with a small but friendly crowd.


I went to YALC at Olympia where I did a panel with famous authors Melinda Salisbury, Amy Alward, Sally Green and Frances Hardinge.

We had a slightly larger turn out then in Leominster (all those top writers I think) but I couldn't help noticing that the larger the crowd the fewer the questions - curious eh?

After that it was my off to table too sign - to my surprise there was both a queue and my first ever sighting of Rivers of London cosplay - Lesley May and the Faceless Man I believe.

So after my signing session I went for a tour of the event with a friend and then home to feed the hungry word processor.


Quartz said...

did you not describe the Faceless Man as having a black mask?

Ronny said...

Faceless himself here.

I took the description from Moon Over Soho (I believe) where Peter describes it as being a beige, full-face mask, like an unusually tasteful Mexican wrestler. Having no eye-holes would have been too impractical - in wearing the above, I had to eschew my glasses; I'm not looking at the camera above because I couldn't SEE the camera - so I went with the next best thing: quite literally a beige, full-face Mexican wrestling mask.

I wouldn't put it past Faceless to have multiple masks, though. And it seems like it'd be totally his style to wear a black mask and play on the fact he's a black magician. In fact...