Monday 27 July 2015

The Too British Song

I wrote this in response to all the reviews, both positive and negative, that felt that Rivers of London (aka Midnight Riot) was a 'little bit too British'.

The British Song
(With apologies to Alanis Morisette)

I chose a young man to be my hero
He’s a stoical lad who doesn’t complain
It’s about making a joke of your own pain
It’s about being the one who has to know
And isn’t it quite British… don’t you think?

It’s like expecting rain on a sunny day
It’s about taking joy in the things that you say
It’s knowing from the start that the joke’s on you
And who would’ve thought… it’s British

He can insult you without having to try
He’ll apologise too without knowing why.
He’ll go his whole damn life without starting a fight.
But if you push him too far, it’s true
You won’t find it so nice
And isn’t it so British… don’t you think?


Well the world is more than what you used to
When you think everything’s the same as your own neighbourhood
And the world is much bigger place
And it doesn’t owe you an explanation for the things you
Don’t understand.

It’s doing the job without making a fuss
It’s being good friends without having to gush
It’s about leaving people alone even if they are quite odd
It’s about winning a race
And not thanking god.
And isn’t it quite British …don’t you think
A little too British…and, yeah, I really don’t think…



Rachel Green said...

Oh! You so need to record this.

Harlequin said...

I agree with Ms Green. Please include the songs at as well ;)