Wednesday 15 July 2015


Out Today!
Rivers of London: Body Work Issue #1


Rachel Green said...

(but darn! My preorder didn't arrive)

Steeljam said...

So, when will us ordinary fans that want to buy your stories be able to read your stories.
Marmite's Summer of Love is easier to get hold of.

Steeljam said...

When do your many fans manage to get hold of the books?
Getting hold of the Marmite Summer of Love is easier!

Unknown said...

Picked mine up from Classic Comics in Melbourne yesterday. Looking forward to the balance of the series and even more to the next novel!

Joe said...

Downloaded the Kindle version yesterday, part one anyway. Very nice, can't wait for the rest. I guess the hardback next spring will be the whole thing?

Tanya said...

I have to say that the in the first Body work comic, l felt that the drawing of the character Peter Grant, accurately depicted the way l expected him to be, tall, handsome guy, but it was different for Beverley. l thought of someone who looks like the sassy singer- actress Jennifer Hudson and as for Nightingale: was a bit disappointed somehow l imagined he looked like Patrick Grant - (tall, smooth looking well dressed chap from the Great British Sewing Bee series). Just sayin'. Anyhow, l am loving the comics!!