Wednesday 22 July 2015

Body Work: Some Reviews

Selected Reviews
(Gosh I wonder what my selection criteria might be)

Kate MacDonald likes it - hurrah!

 Dean Fuller thinks Issue#1 is a strong start.

John Freeman is happy to report that the comic measures up mightily!

Fangirlnation things Body Work succeeds on all counts...

Karcossa thinks Issue#1 is a great first issue...

Al No thinks it's derivative and Betsey Chevron is put of by the use of the words "They say..." on the first page...


michael said...

Hi Ben

I received my copy yesterday (and am scared to take it out of the wrapper!). Those nice people at Forbidden Planet sent me a signed one. I wanted to buy an additional copy of issue 1 for a friend, but the link at Titan takes me to Forbidden Planet, which says that they have none available. Any ideas?


Unknown said...

I missed purchasing issue 1, as I'm a comic newbie. :(
Hope you're able to get a re-print. Looking forward to issue 2 onwards though. :)

Harlequin said...

I don't get out much so I got a digital copy from