Monday 22 January 2018

Coming Events In Germany

Q and A
Tuesday 27th February
Kopischstraße 7, 10965 Berlin, Germany
Lunebuch Bookstore
Thursday 1st March
Bardowicker Str. 1, 21335 Lüneburg, Germany


Unknown said...

Oh my god... what If I ask for a map there? Will Mr Author hit me? *g*

Seymour Hamilton said...

Ben, I just found an affidavit for a sighting of Nightingale , c1940, by Vera Lynn, presumably just before his deployment to Germany. It's a fairly long testimony (including the observation "there was magic in the air"). The complete account is poignant in that it recalls a happier time before the loss of "the flower of English wizardry".
Here is the essence of the moment, attested to in public.
"I'm perfectly willing to swear that Nightingale sang in Berkeley square."

The complete document available at

Unknown said...

Double effing eff, I actualy missed my favourite author when he was in my hometown visiting the Werner von Krauts.

So sad :/ Will have to get my signed books at Forbidden Planet again