Friday 15 December 2017

Friday Comic Tease

Cry Fox Issue #3 Colour Panels


Traveling Mom said...

I always try to guess what is happening and how they got there- I'm so horrible at it but I love seeing things early!

Indienblog said...

Hello Mr Aaronovich, is there any chance of you considering taking up an offer of a free breakfast in or around London. The offer is made by two very insignificant German people who will spend a couple of days in London at the beginning of 2018. We would love to meet you and we wish you all the best for 2018.

Ben Aaronovitch said...

Alas I'm right up against my deadline for Lies Sleeping so I can't spare the time.

Thank you very much for the offer and I hope you have a good time. I'm going to be Luneberg in early March if that's any help.

ByTheSea said...

I love your books, but I'm not into graphic novels.

I have read all your Rivers of London books (and have them as audio books as well), and bought the first two graphic novels, but they sit mostly unread and certainly unloved in a box.

I can appreciate the pictures, but reading just a few lines of dialogue per page frustrates me and I give up.

Obviously, its totally up to you how you write, that goes without saying.

But I wonder if you plan to write any more non-graphic novels, and if it will be possible to follow the overall story that way.

I love the story, I love Peter, and Nightingale, and Molly and the other characters, but not enough to force myself to read graphic novels. Sorry!

Tellner said...

They didn't realize just how much trouble they bought kidnapping a child who is also a wizard's apprentice.

Kidnapping a police officer? Maybe killing her? It doesn't matter how rich you are or how long it's been since some king gave you a title. If there's one thing that will make police pursue you even unto the far corners of the Earth it is doing crime on one of theirs.

Here in the States we call that "a career move" followed by "worse case of suicide ah ever saw."

Aybn Marx 666 said...

Mr Ellner:
The arrogance of some British aristos may not be comprehensible to many in the States—they assume that the working-class (and now, sometimes non-white) plods onthe Force would never get onto them. This lot are dead certain that they're much more intelligence than such, not least because they reserve 'intelligent' for people like them, members of the lower orders being at best 'cunning' or 'clever'.

They are also very definitely going to kill anyone they might pick who might survive Game:'Perhaps unsporting, but don't let's be stupid.'—it's the Law's fault!, for potentially taking some nobody's word against theirs.