Monday 1 August 2016

A Quick Chronology

A Chronology of the Rivers of London Books

People have been asking about where the comics fit into the chronology so I thought a blog was in order. One caveat - the short story The Home Crowd Advantage is obviously set in 2012 during the London Olympics but because it was written before the chronology of the series had firmed up it contains a number of anachronisms. I've learnt to be philosophical about this sort of thing.

This is not the same as publication order.

Rivers of London
(Midnight Riot)

The Home Crowd Advantage
Short Story
Moon Over Soho

 Whispers Under Ground

Broken Homes

Body Work
Graphic Novel
Foxglove Summer

Night Witch
Graphic Novel

Black Mould
Graphic Novel

 The Furthest Station

 The Hanging Tree


Kim Carney said...

Are these all a Peter Grant series? I am completely addicted now! Thank you

Kim Carney said...

Oh, and since when are they going to make a mystery series from this??? ;)

Vicky said...

So Hanging Tree and Furthest Station are being published out of chronological order?

Jens B Petersen said...

This chronology could use a quick update :-)

Ben Aaronovitch said...

Check out the Book and Comic Chronology Page