Monday 3 August 2015

The Swedish Itinerary

Wednesday 5th August

19.00: English Bookshop, Uppsala
A reading and signing at the English Bookshop, Uppsala.

Thursday 6th August

17:00: SF-Bokhandeln
Panel and signing at SF-Bokhandeln (the SF Bookstore) in Stockholm.

Friday 7th August

21:00: Klostersalen: Guest of Honour interview.
Ben Aaronovitch, Marianna Leikomaa

Saturday 8th August

13.00: Klostersalen, panel: Telling stories in different media.
 Ben Aaronovitch, Jessica Elgenstierna (mod), Alexander Hallberg, Thomas Årnfelt, Tobias Bodlund A discussion about the differences and similarities of storytelling and of telling stories in books, games, comics and TV.

15.00: Jupiter: Kaffeklatsch med Ben Aaronovitch 
Limited number of participants. Sign up sheet in Registration.

19.00: Klostersalen, panel: Point of view 
Ben Aaronovitch, Linnéa Anglemark, Eva Holmquist, Flemming Rasch (mod), Johan Frick, Marcus Olausson How does the choice of point of view influence the reading and writing of a story? Why is a certain pov chosen? What effects are intended? What are the advantages and disadvantages for the reader and writer? Are there any special pov:s in genre literature, e g to tell a story from the point of view of an alien, or when you have to invent and present an imagined world?

Sunday 9th August

11.00: Jupiter, Group discussion: Mixing your genres for fun and profit.

13.00, Klostersalen: Animating locations.
Ben Aaronovitch, Kristina Hård, Jenny Milewski, Johan Jönsson (mod)
Many authors write about a place that they and perhaps also the readers know well, but although it is a common place it is given a “soul” or a specific personality. How do you as author give an ordinary place these properties?
Will some places work better than others - London is often used? Are there any places that are harder/impossible to animate? Do you have any examples of successful animations? Examples in addition to the participating authors: Neil Gaiman, Paul Cornell, Nene Ormes.

16.00, Klostersalen, panel: Three authors, three countries, three cultures.
Madeline Ashby, Ben Aaronovitch, Kristina Hård, Patrik Centerwall (mod) What is it like to be an author in Canada, UK and Sweden? How do the conditions differ, especially for writers of sf and fantasy? How is genre literature looked upon in the different countries? Is it becoming more or less appreciated, by the public and critics?

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Unknown said...

Do you have some kind of a larger plan about when you visit other countries and which? (maybe even close to my hometown in the area of Lower Saxony/Bremen/Hamburg in Germany)

And do you happen to have any kind of public event in London in mid-September?

kind regards,
Jason (hoping madly to not have that much bad look to be in London while you're in Germany)