Monday 31 August 2015

Body Work Issue #3 Out September 16th

Issue #3
"Patient Zero"
Available 16th September


Vicki said...

Lost River walks? (Fleet and Tyburn)

Unknown said...

Aweome! I received issue 2 last week, though I've saving them all up to read together.

Cathy McGuire said...

Does this mean you've given up writing books? I'm not a comics reader, but I've been recommending your books to everyone... will you be writing novels again, and/or print up these as short stories, for those of us who very much prefer creating our own images of your characters?? Oh, please say yes!

Harlequin said...

Cathy McGuire: Ben is currently writing the next book, entitled 'The Hanging Tree'. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon although the site states it won't be available until next June. I'm fervently hoping that's a worst-case estimate.