Tuesday 30 June 2015

Buying Comics Is Easy

Buying Comics is Easy

While this blog concerns itself with how to buy Andrew and my comic there is excellent article at The Mary Sue on the generalities of buying a comic here.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Comic Store
Run, don’t walk, to your friendly neighbourhood comic shop. If you don’t know where it is you can use the internet which has such resources as… 

FINDACOMICSHOP.COM (The UK and North America) or Search for a Comic Shop (everywhere else it says)

Order a copy Rivers of London
Once you have co-located yourself with your chosen shop inform a member of staff that you would like pre-order Rivers of London Issue #1 (published by Titan Comics). This is known as setting up a ‘pull list’ and is the best way to ensure that you get your hands on the soon to be much in demand(1) first issue of Rivers of London: Body Work(2).

Purchase a copy of Rivers of London
Then on the appointed day (the evening of July 15th 2015 or the following day) you can turn up, hand over some dosh and they will thrust the object of your desire into your hands.

Now different comic book shops will have different ways of setting up Pull Lists but the basics are much the same – here is a fumetti(3) by Keiron Gillen to run through them again. 

Buying Digital
If you don't want to sully your pristine germ free hands with an actual physical comic then you can purchase a digital copy of Rivers of London Issue #1 from Comixology - here is the preview page for the UK and the preview page for the US.

NEW: Buying in Germany

You can buy it from Forbidden Planet International here.

Or they can be ordered from any shop in Germany that orders from Diamond Comic Distributors - this database here covers Germany as well as other countries.

(1) Hopefully.
(2) If you, for some strange reason, feel the need to order other people’s comics go right ahead it’s a free country – I wont hold it against you.
(3) Comics that use live action images rather than drawings.


Unknown said...

Nö friendly local comic book shop that has English comics for 100 miles... Do you know any way to order them online? Any way that will ship to Germany that is?

And to not disappoint you: will there be a map for the comic? *duck*

Nils Henrik Appelhoff said...

The Germans are coming!
To get your comic...
Problem is though, that there is no comic shop around selling english comics.
And I do not want to fly to London by Ryanair to get me one everytime a new comic is released ^_^
Not that I do not want to, but the expenses might cause a problem at home.
Any idea?

Unknown said...

Getting it in an actual store in germany close by seems hard, only about a dozen shops seem to have it. Luckily I'm in London in September and will buy it there if no other option becomes available before.

(And it's mostly the Rivers of London books that bring me there!)

Nils Henrik Appelhoff said...

Hi desperate guys,
is another option

Joe said...

The local comic shop doesn't have it. Amazon will have a hardcover in April 2016 for $20 U.S. What's up? Where can I order a softback?

Ben Aaronovitch said...

Apparantly a reprint maybe in the offing I'll announce when I know anything solid.

Joe said...

Are the times on the posts London time? That 02:04 is about 20:00 here (Wichita).