Sunday 10 September 2017

Detective Stories Issue #4 Out on Wednesday

The Fourth and Final Issue of 
Rivers of London: Detective Stories
Out on Wednesday 13th September

Available only at superior Comic Shops 
and on the interweb.


Unknown said...

I'm still upset and of two minds at how I have had to buy two novella (isn't that the plural with singular novello?) in a row. I am an unashamed addict of the Peter Grant series. I have bought all previous comics and can't wait until the current detective series are published as a volume instead of the tiny drips and drabs.
I have six days to cancel my preorder of what I thought was a full length Peter Grant novel, but I won't. Unlike the comics which I have resisted, I can't help buying another audiobook no matter how short.
Please let us know when the combined volume will come out as well as the next Peter Grant full length novel.
Thanks for the work you put in.

Unknown said...

Actually, I think it would be one novella, two novellae...

Harlequin said...

The trade paperback is released on December 8 (on, at least).

Stuart said...

Are the new collected volumes not available for Kindle?