Friday 19 September 2014

The Ake Book Festival

The Ake Book Festival in Ogun Province, Nigeria - how cool is that!

18-22 November 2014

Me...and a bunch of much, much more famous authors look HERE!

I dsidn't ask why I just said 'YES' at the first opportunity.

I know, I know, I shall be striving to keep my mouth shut and my ears open....

This Years Theme
The theme of the 2014 Ake Arts and Book Festival is Bridges and Pathways. Discussions this year will focus on building bridges between African peoples, especially along language, ethnic and gender lines, and charting new paths with the aim of creating synergy and cultural cross fertilization on the African continent.

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Eku Zhong said...

you must be bonkers to go to nigeria while ebola rages ... please finish the whole seried before you go.