Wednesday 20 November 2013

PC Grant: Now In A Box

Worried about what to buy your loved ones for Christmas? 

Are they short of reading material perhaps? 

Tired of the same old literary fiction? 

Want to give genre a go?

Then look no further than the PC Grant boxset - containing not one, not two but three whole volumes of crunchy PC Grant goodness. Not only is each novel a police procedural but it also contains 90% of your recomended daily dose(1) of Fantasy.

Available November the 21st in all good book shops and some bad ones as well.

 (1) The World Health Organisation's recomended minimum daily fantasy intake for adults is 300 milligandalfs (48.7 microdresdens). Chidren under the age of 14 may well require twice the adult dose to maintain a balanced childhood.

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