Monday 30 September 2013

Locations, Locations, Locations; Whispers Under Ground

 Whispers Under Ground

Everytime I do one of these maps I find myself having to revise it as I remember new locations. Still here is the current Whispers Under Ground map. The map for Broken Homes will be posted to coincide with the US publication of same - along with a useful glossery for those that don't speak English proper.

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Anonymous said...

embarrasing typo "glossery".

Ernst Schnell said...

Life imitates art. Seen today on LinkedIn:


Ernst Schnell said...

Life imitates art. Seen today on LinkedIn

Enjoy the hunt!

Unknown said...

I've just finished the whispers under ground book. I am a big fan of you and Peter Grant ^ ^

However, I have a question.
How comes the fruit bowl sitting in James' kitchen after it was used as a weapon?

Unknown said...

I once stayed at the university dorm in Tuffnel Park hahaha!

As a one-time Slade student, I know most of the locations by heart and it adds hugely to the pleasure of reading your books.

Unknown said...

Brilliant as I've been visualising a London map in my head all through reading the books. Will you add in the locations in Essex?

Unknown said...

Brilliant map! Have got all 4 of these books as audio books and been visualising the map in my head! Will you add the Essex locations from Broken Homes too?