Monday 15 July 2013

Support Your Local Bookshop: The Owl

The Owl Bookshop
Growing up this was where most of my books came from and it shaped my idea of what a bookshop should be(1). Not only did I work my way through their science fiction section but I was occasionally subjected to high culture at one of their events. The one that sticks in my mind is poet Adrian Mitchell reading from 'The Apeman Cometh.'

So not only is it an excellent bookshop but it is guaranteed to be carrying Broken Homes on the 25th.

(1) A big shop full of books.

Owl Bookshop
207-209 Kentish Town Rd
London NW5 2JU
Phone:020 7485 7793


Anonymous said...

Alas, I am on the wrong side of the ocean, else I would definitely be at their doors as they open on the 25th!
As it is, I am contemplating AmazonUK as a source ...

Zoe J said...

Ah, my local book shop. Sadly I didnt know you were signing there and got my copy from amazon. Next time...
Thanks for the fantastic books, I have read the first 3 twice and I am up to chapter 9 of Broken homes, really trying to go slowly as I will be fed up when its over. Very glad you are at work on the next instalment!