Monday 11 March 2013

Shameless Plug: Genius Loci

The re- release of the first ever novel(ish) length thing I'd ever written caused me to think about the only other book of mine that hasn't been pulped. I was very pleased with it at the time and for me it's a shame that it's not better known. So for those of you who had never heard of this magnificant octopus I give you....

Genius Loci
By Ben Aaronovitch

One day she will bring down empires and decide the fate of the universe. One day she will be feared by the creatures of evil and revered wherever people have had just a little bit too much to drink. 
But all that is yet to come...
Right now Bernice Summerfield is 21 years old and living hand to mouth and drink to drink. Offered a job beyond her qualifications she is lured out to the backwater planet of Jaiwan where nothing has ever happened - ever.
There she joins a disparate team of archaeologists who have just discovered that the planet of Jaiwan may have been just a tad more interesting than people thought. This could be Benny's big break and her ticket to a proper career in archaeology.
That's if archaeology doesn't kill her first.

It's available on Amazon or direct from Big Finish.


twicezero said...

I do love this book, great tale of learning and daring do.

Nick said...

Ben - I think you said only two copies had been sold. Dan obviously owns 1 of these and I must own the other.

Unknown said...

I find myself re-reading this book every couple of years.
It not only does archaeology right (or I guess as much as I imagine one could do space archaeology) but there seems to be an interesting concept on nearly every page.

Had no idea it was out of print. This is definitely such a great book it should find it's way back into the light of day.

Thank you for making Bernice (and space archaeology) amazing.
ps bring back Kadiatu too!