Wednesday 3 October 2012

Currently Reading: Brighton Belle

Brighton Belle by Sara Sheridan
1951. Brighton. With the war over and the Nazis brought to justice at Nuremberg, Mirabelle Bevan (Secret Service, retired) thinks her skills are no longer required. After her lover's death she retires to the seaside to put the past behind her and takes a job at a debt collection agency run by the charismatic Big Ben McGuigan. But when the case of Romana Laszlo - a pregnant Hungarian refugee - comes in, Mirabelle soon discovers that her specialist knowledge is vital. With enthusiastic assistance from insurance clerk Vesta Churchill, they follow a mysterious trail of gold sovereigns and corpses that only they can unravel.
I shall be talking to Sara Sheridan at Blackwell's Charing Cross on the 12th of October in case anybody happens to be passing.

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Unknown said...

Brighton Belle is a terrific read and Sara, a very talented writer as you can see from my interview...

My wife and I are racing through your three Peter Grant novels, Ben. Hugely impressed. Let me know if you want to chat about them too.

All the best, Matt @mattogborn