Wednesday 26 September 2012

Currently Reading: Gun Machine

Gun Machine by Warren Ellis
This morning Detective John Tallow was bored with his job.

Then there was this naked guy with a shotgun, and his partner getting killed, and now Tallow has a real problem: an apartment full of guns. Old guns. Modified guns. Arranged in rows and spirals on the floor and walls. Hundreds of them.

Each weapon is tied to a single unsolved murder. Which means Tallow has uncovered two decades' worth of homicides that no one knew to connect and a killer unlike anything that came before.

Tallow's bosses don't want him to solve the case. The murderer just wants him to die. But there's a pattern hiding behind the deaths, and if Tallow can figure it out he might even make it out alive.

Getting free books through the post has got to be one of the best perks of being a published author. Especially when you didn't even know the book existed beforehand. See the cover, read the blurb, check the author - what's not to like?

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