Thursday 12 January 2012

For Absolutely No Reason At All Here Are the Top Twenty Selling Debut UK Fiction Hardbacks of 2011

This list of the Top Selling UK Fiction Début Hardbacks of 2011 is reproduced by me for no ulterior motive beyond a keen desire to inform the book buying public.

1.  BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP     SJ Watson
2.  THE NIGHT CIRCUS     Eric Morgenstern
3.  THE POWER OF SIX   Pittacus Lore
4.  NEW BEGINNINGS   Fern Britton
5.  A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES  Deborah Harkness
6.  RIVERS OF LONDON  Ben Aronovitch
7.  WHEN GOD WAS A RABBIT  Sarah Winman
8.  THE HYPNOTIST  Lars Kepler
9.  SANCTUS  Simon Toyne
10. THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS  Vanessa Diffenbaugh
11. THE TIGER'S WIFE  Tea Obreht
12. TRIBUNE OF ROME  Robert Fabbri
13. HEREWARD  James Wilde
14. MISS PEREGRIN'S HOME ... Ransom Riggs
15. SNOWDROPS   AD Miller
16. ANNABEL   Kathleen Winter
17. RSVP     Helen Warner
19. THE SONG OF ACHILLES   Madeline Miller
20. DOLLHOUSE   Kardashian sisters


Mark Lawrence said...

I heard that Prince of Thorns was written by someone... Also are all those debuts? I watched the filmof Pittacus Lore's debut 'I am number four' last week.

Ben Aaronovitch said...

This is the list as it was emailed to me. I haven't yet tracked down all the details yet but when I do it will furnish an excuse for some serious gloating.

Dorian said...

"Rivers of London" is the only one of that lot that I've read. Whatever that may be worth. :-)

pbristow said...

The Kardashian sisters have novelised a Joss Whedon series? Wow!


Leslie said...

More possible chances for gloating, if we can rouse all those New People on twitter!

For, even though your paperbacks are published through Del Rey in the US, is running a Reader's Choice Awards thingie here:

All votes are write-ins, and tallied up every day.

Currently FOUR votes for Rivers of London! (No, they weren't all mine, that would be cheating, and anyway besides they're on guard against such shenanigans....:))