Monday 17 October 2011

Galaxy National Book Award

Yes the 'not the Booker' is back and this time with a 100% more Aaronovitch. I've been put on the New Author shortlist but I don't rate my chances. What I'm hoping for is a butt load of chocolate. The announcement's been reported in the Bookseller who strangely focused on peripheral elements of the story - sometimes I just despair about modern journalistic standards.

This is the National Book Awards website which inexplicably hasn't updated it's own news story yet(1). There will be a TV show on one of the Channel 4s so there's a slim chance that my large presence may hove into view at some stage.

I shall keep the 3 of you posted.

(1) They probably have by now.


Leslie said...

It's an honour just to be nominated, as they say over on my side of the Atlantic. But I will be hoping for you!

Anonymous said...

Love you books. I Work for WHSmiths and try and direct as many people to them as possible. I realy hope you do win (Even if you say it is unlikely).

Chris Large said...

Hi Ben,

Congrats on being nominated. I picked up a copy of The Rivers of London in an airport in Sydney recently and absoutely loved it. Also have MOS now, in my pile. I'll get to it...soon.

To be honest I haven't read much over the last couple of years due to the amount of rubbish that seems to be around at the moment. ROL was a breath of fresh air.

I hope you do well.