Friday 11 March 2011

Live Chat - Today

I'm chatting live on Bitten By Books today from 12:00 CST/18:00 GMT any questions may be answered and there's a give-away competition to go with it.

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Leslie said...

Hello Ben! Greetings from Muncie, Indiana, USA. I found a free excerpt of "Midnight Riot" on the web and was instantly hooked. How can I not love a character who says "fuck me, I can do magic" and who has a best friend and partner named Leslie (seeing as how my own personal name is Leslie)?

I don't know if you are aware, but of late there has been much brouhaha in the US on the subject of POC in (US)SF fandom, in SF fiction, and as writers of SF, so your main character Peter is especially timely on that score. (If you have nothing better to do for a week or so, you could google "race fail 2009" for a primer on the topic.)

I am looking forward to the next novel, which I have in fact preordered on Amazon. Please do not let them "Americanize" your vocabulary! That's part of the charm of reading your books, the immersion in an -- dare I say it -- exotic and unfamiliar culture. (I hear you laughing at that description. Yes, I do.)

Be well,