Sunday 23 January 2011

Online Review Round Up: The Mega Remix

"I think it is a pretty damn good book." - Book Monkeys

"I loved Midnight Riot" - Noobling Nest

"...strikingly original, exceedingly clever, and at times, pleasingly grim." - Rob Will Review

"...entertaining, clever, innovative and compellingly readable." - Bookface

"...assured, witty and great fun to read." - Floor To Ceiling Books

"Peter Grant is a much more active and likeable protagonist... " - Sophia McDougall

"...a great start to what will hopefully be a long series of adventures." - SFRevu

"...the sights and smells of London just ooze out from between the pages." - Love Vampires

" extremely fun experience." - The Book Smugglers

"Aaronovitch has captured that magical essence of London and bottled it so we can get that full undiluted flavour."
- Greame's Fantasy Book Review

"...a page-turning, relentlessly entertaining novel which injects some vigour into the urban fantasy subgenre." - The Wertzone

"...the most satisfying fantasy thriller to hit bookshelves in quite some time." - SFX Magazine

"...a fun and fast read." - The Ranting Dragon

"...a superb paranormal fantasy that will charm both genre fans and mystery readers alike." - Grasping For The Wind

" easy book to pick up and a near-impossible one to put down." - Pornokitsch

"With vivid characters, a plot that is paced very well and a mixture of humour, darkness and detailed observations of police procedure and of London itself the book is compelling and charming." - Bullshit From A Geek

"...a strong, funny and engaging series opener..." - Total Sci-Fi Online

"...sweet relief for readers allergic to cliché." - Locus Magazine

" immersive and extremely funny fantasy that is as believable as it is entertaining. " - The Ultimate Book Guide


Tina said...

Hi Ben, I'm reading Rivers of London now on my Kindle. Loving it! Just discovered you last night and it's a pleasure.

The Clean White Page

Ben Aaronovitch said...

Thank you. One more reason to stop worrying and love the Kindle...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but did any of 'em *like* it...? =;o>

Hurple said...

Finally, books that can keep me engaged between Dresden books. And, from one of the best late-period Doctor Who writers, too. There's a nice synergy to that.

I'm about halfway through Rivers of London and loving every page. In fact, I already went out and nabbed the second book so I can start it as soon as I finish the first.

Thanks for entertaining me for all these years. Feel free to keep it up.