Friday 27 March 2009

Just a quick note

Just a quick update in case the three of you wondered where I'd gone. I've been hard at work on a novel, which I'm not going to talk about in case I jinx it, a new Blake's 7 prequel and on script editing things that I'm not allowed to talk about. Since that accounts for the bulk of my waking hours, the rest being taken up with the Evil Monster Boy, working at Waterstones and eating. None of the latter topics make for exciting reading except maybe the Evil Monster Boy who is getting bigger and eviler with every passing day. He's doing quite well at school at the moment but is ignoring my subtle hints as to suitable future careers. I want him to be an acountant he wants to be a movie star. I suggested he become an accountant and a movie star that way he'd never be ripped off by his manager but he's not convinced. Anyway I believe I've written enough so that the paragraph reaches all the way down the length of the illustration so now I'll stop.

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Anonymous said...

cheers Ben how sweet :)