Sunday 30 November 2008


As of the 29th December 2008 my Doctor Who adventure will be available on DVD. It's crammed with extras including interviews with yours truly and a commentary track where I can be heard desperately trying not to moan out loud at the awful bits. I am deeply ambivalent about this project but I have to say it wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered it being.

As a writer there's a special embarrassment that goes with a script that goes horribly wrong. Like a sexual encounter that ended badly you don't want to think about it and you resent having people bring it up in public. Still sexual failure doesn't (in my case) generate residuals so I'm not going to complain too loud.

Here's a good review and here's a bad review and here's the relevant page at Why not buy it and make up your own mind - at the very least you can revel in the near future zeerust and Jean Marsh's frocks.


Anonymous said...

I saw both of those reviews.

I've only read the novelization thus far, but I'm also a big Seven/Ace fan and have every story of theirs that's come out on DVD, so I'm sure I'll pick that one up when it hits the States too.

rob said...

You look quite appalled on the special features!

Take heart, what ended up on the screen entertained a lot of people and seems to be getting a bit more positive interest recently. I've always been very fond of the story myself.

It may not be what you intended but I think it's a damn fine Doctor Who story.