Sunday 31 August 2008

Burn Notice

I was watching Burn Notice when I realised that the format was familiar, not familiar as in it plays with tropes established from classic spy fiction but familiar like something I'd just finished watching moments before. Burn Notice is Men In Trees with guns. Watch both pilots back to back and see if I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Aaronovitch,
Please pardon my contacting you like this, but I saw on the "Rocketpunk Manifesto" blog that you are writing some short stories a series of short stories "set in an era when spacers were real spacers and rockets landed on their fins the way god (and Robert Heinlein) intended" (I see you frequent the Masten Space site too!) Is there any chance of letting us know what the background will be like - this sounds like a series that I want to read!
Grif Ingram
PS: The bit about Willesden Green was interesting, too - I now have an urge to visit the place (I may never be seen again - i may swim down one of those canals and wind up marrying a Martian Princess!)
Grif Ingram

Anonymous said...

Hello Ben

A long long time since BMC, the headphones and the logs... What's this new internet business then?



Ben Aaronovitch said...

I don't know the screens went all flat and the next thing I know you could waste your life with nothing more than a mouse and a modem.