Thursday, 9 April 2015

Day 9: The Ballad of Balham Reading Group


Balham Library Hall
7:00 pm
7.7 km from Covent Garden

As I set of one misty moisty morning.
My novels for to sell.
I met a black cab that had been booked for me.
And the destination I did tell.

The cabbie he did eye me up.
And these the words he said.
If ye're bound for Balham oh.
You best watch where you tread.

For they'll read your books in Balham oh.
From frontispeice to back.
And they'll ask you difficult questions.
And they won't cut you no slack.

Oh they won't cut you no slack my boy
For they're a critical bunch at heart
And if they don't like the answers
They'll tear your plot apart.

So I ventured down to Balham
With a chill right down my spine.
But audience turned out to be rather nice
And we all had a good time.

Certainly the free wine helped.

Tomorrow: HMP Holloway and Walthamstow Library!

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