Thursday, 2 April 2015

Day 1: Canada Water


Canada Water Library
5.4 km from Covent Garden

Uncle Owen! This droid has a bad motivator.

Amply supplied with coffee and cake I was ushered into a rather nice custom built space where I faced my 1st audience - and very friendly they were too.

It's always much easier to address an audience if they've been warmed up first and in this I was lucky because Mark Rodenhurst had kicked things off with a reading from Rivers of London accompanied by slides and live music from Luke Evans.

Then I was interviewed by Literary Development Officer (what a title) Sandra Agard before another reading, a Q&A and a signing.

So I'd like to thank Mike Hall and everyone else at Canada Water for easing me into a month of glorious exploration.

Tomorrow - Blackheath!

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vesper said...

On Friday 27 March 2015 I booked my Bexley Libraries​' ticket for the One City - One Book - One Month lecture by the Rivers of London series author Ben Aaronovitch. The 1st lecture in the tour was last night at Canada Water, & the last lecture will be in Islington Central Library on Thursday 30 April 2015. Can we save London from the Beast aka Old Nick 666? It's many years since I scrapped my red car in Greenwich, but I have been surveying the waterfront, from bottom to top ever since - SOS "SAVE LONDON LIBRARIES" 999 CHRIST HELP US! Amen NB Bro Paul​ :-) Capuchin Franciscans of GB​ Diocese Westminster​ Catholic Bishops' Conference (England and Wales)​