Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Day 7: Sutton


Sutton Central Library
17.4 km from Covent Garden

A very long drive (21 km from my house) to Sutton and the Brutalist Central Library which turned out to be actually very nice and spacious on the inside and the librarians were cheerful and happy to see me(1).
All about the books!
There was also a large audience who were thankfully pleased to see me as well. With their help I managed to keep talking for an hour and a bit.

One of the great things about the 33 Borough Tour is that I'm getting to see places I've never been before. Sutton is one of the sources of the Wandle and at one point I was travelling parellel to her course and I sudden;t knew exactly who she was. Expect her to make at least a cameo in a future book.

(1) Probably because I don't owe them any overdue books.

NEXT: Surbiton and Brixton!


D Duong said...

I'm racing through the Rivers of London books to get them all read before you come to Chipping Barnet and loving every second, can't wait to see you there :)

CloClo said...

Ah, I live in Coventry now but grew up in Sutton and spent many happy hours in that library (I was a bit of a geek) - wish I could have been there!