Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Day 8: Surbiton and Brixton

Royal Borough of Kingston

Surbiton Library
17 km from Covent Garden

South by Sarf West to the magnificent 1930s redbrick palace of literacy that is Surbiton Library. Staffed b a crack team of ridiculously friendly librarians (see below) I arrived with ten minutes to spare to find an enourmous audience waiting for me. Very gratifying.

Fortified with nothing but coffee and cake I was put to the question for a whole hour before signing some books.

And then onward by taxi to Brixton....


Brixton Library
6:30 pm
5.7 km from Covent Garden

Brixton glorious Brixton - not the gateway to anywhere because once you've reached Brixton you never want to go anywhere else.

As soon as I walked in I was ambushed by the media in the form of Vanessa Bafoe from London Live who interviewed me live on air - fortunately I managednot to swear and to promote Cityreads without screaming or making a fool of mysef.
Pronounced BAF-FO - very important that.
Then Zoey and Marie threw everyone oout of the Library so we could let the audience in. Not my largest audience but boy did they ask some searching questions - despite the free wine.
They keep putting my audience in....

....a horsehoe shape which makes it hard to get them all in one picture.

Zoey and Andy

Next stop - BALHAM - getway to the South!

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