Thursday, 16 April 2015

Day 16: Canary Wharf and Enfield Town


The Idea Store: Canada Square
1.00 pm
7.6 km from Covent Garden

I was tempted to walk in and ask to buy something for ACT III but that would have been facetious. After a brief interlude for a snack I was ushered in to meet my small but perfectly formed lunch time audience...

The interesting thing is how infrequently I get the same question - you'd think by now I would have stock answers to stock questions but no - you sods are keeping it fresh.


Enfield Town Library
7.00 pm
15.8 km from Covent Garden

Enfield Town Library - a very nice cafe with a rather good Library attached. The cafe does brilliant coffee and made some special Folly cupcakes just for the occasion. There would  a photograph ere but I scoffed the lot before I thought of taking a picture.

Enfield is my first cardinal point on the map of London (North) - next comes Hornchurch in Havering (the East)!

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