Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day 23: Easy in Ealing, Heaving in Hillingden


Ealing Central Library
2.30 pm
12.4 km from Covent Garden in a shopping centre which meant I had to pick my way through multiple car parks after foolishly allowing myself to be dropped off at the back. There I was welcomed by David Cornish and Sue Harland who I utterly forgot to take pictures of. I did remember to image the audience...

The audience were very patient as workers next door started demolishing the library around us - at least that's what it sounded like.


The Great Barn
7.30 pm
22.4 km from Covent Garden

So great that I couldn't get the whole thing into frame The Great Barn, note the capital 'The', was built in the 13th Century of English Oak and is unlikely to fall down anytime soon. The actual library is equally ye olde England...

Hillingden Libraries had pulled out all the stops enlisting the aid of the Police Cadets...

Note the vintage Rover Area Car.
A full bar and catering service and a singer to keep the punters happy while they stocked up and sat down.

I wrote down his name but I can't read my handwriting...
First I was grilled by Helen and Shivaki who'd one a competition for the honour of doing so. Personally I'd have held out for the cuddly toy. Then they read extracts from my book which were then illustrated by Professor Dumpling in the traditional punch fashion.

Then I faced my biggest audience yet ranked along the immense length of the barn.

Obviously it's not supposed to be taken literally, it refers to all manufacturers of dairy products.

By the way the alternative caption for that picture was 'Your time has come! A storm is coming, our storm and when it arrives it will shake the universe.' But I decided that was too geeky - even by my standards.

NEXT: next? Oh god I can't remember where I am....

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