Monday, 27 April 2015

Day 27: Cruising in Croydon and Laughing in Lewisham


Ashburton Library
11.00 pm
14.9 km from Covent Garden

Ashburton was not only the shiniest library so far but the only one that was attached at the hip to a school. I was assured that this only caused problems at home time and only briefly because the inmates pupils were all keen to escape.

According to my notes the erotic store Anne Summers was founded in Croydon - thanks to whoever told me that. I think I know what the Croydon short story is going to be about now.


Manor House Library
7.00 pm
10.71 km from Covent Garden

Manor House Library has adopted a more 'proactive' anti-cuts policy.
'Oh,' said my taxi driver, 'you're going to Lee.' Pronouncing to rhyme with slum but even he was impressed when we turned into an elegant horseshoe drive and were confronted by the 18th Century Manor House that was converted into a library at the turn of the 19th Century. The clue, of course, is in the name.

There's also a park behind the library, presumably part of the house's old grounds. I spent a pleasant three hours or so wandering around and having bacon sandwiches in its cafe. Then on to the audience...

On the way home I noticed that Lewisham town centre was one huge road work - because you can never have enough roundabouts.

NEXT: the wilds of Bexleyheath and the triumph of elegance that is Bromley town centre.

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