Friday, 24 April 2015

Day 24: Racing to Roxeth and Chipper in Barnet


Roxeth Library
11.15 pm
17.1 km from Covent Garden

You don't have to close the library tonight
Read those books for money
You don't care if it's wrong or if it's right

Despite being small and the library equivalent of a flat roofed pub the librarians and staff had gone all out with police tape and costume elements (and cake) to get the audience in the mood. While the big libraries are always impressive hives of activity it's good to be reminded how important the small local libraries are - standing like beacons of literacy in a howling wasteland of philistinism(1).


Chipping Barnet Library
6.30 pm
17.0 km from Covent Garden

My taxi driver seemed worrying confused about where we going.
"I didn't know it was called Chipping Barnet,' he said. "When did they change the name then?"

The cadets were out in force here too but I managed to snap them when they weren't expecting it.

Another big audience and another impressive Library space. I never knew so many libraries had ancillary spaces like this.

(1) I really need to get some sleep.

NEXT: arghhhhburblebublephlimphlamphooecciecci-phetang!


Dominique Duong gave me the original version of this picture of Lady Ty. You can see a copy of it at Deviant Art

It's now waiting a) framing b) me buying a bigger home so I have some wall space.

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