Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day 18: Back Rub in Barking


Barking Learning Centre
2.30 pm
14.3 km from Covent Garden

Everything is Awesome!
I arrived early at the Barking Learning Centre not just because it was situated in Barking and therefore awesome but also because I had been offered a free massage at The Bath House which is fricking inside the library.

I mean does your local library have a spa inside it complete with sauna? I didn't think so - I told you Barking was awesome.

And so was my audience and the librarians who plied me with a mound of biscuits and gave me a very sturdy lectern on which I leaned all the way through.

So remember if you want to broaden your mind and relax your back then the Barking Learning Centre is the place to go.

Nex: Hornsey - land of the dead (according to Will Self).

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