Monday, 18 June 2018

What I'm Currently Working On Now

Current Work Schedule
(Junr 2018 update)

Next Novel Publication
Lies Sleeping (Book 7)
Novel (99,000 words)
Set in the UK starring Peter Grant
UK release 15th November 2018
US Release 12th November 2018
Audio (read by Kobna Holbrook Smith)

Translated releases TBA

Draft 0 Completed
The October Man
Novella (40,000 words) 
Set in Germany and starring Tobias Winter.
Completion Target: 1st June 2018
Publication Date: Spring 2019

Next Project
The Fey and the Furious
Comic (4x1 issue plus a combined version a month after the end)
Set in the UK starring Peter Grant

Currently Prepping for.
False Value
Novel (96,000 words)
Set in the UK starring Peter Grant
Writing to commence in August 2018
Publication Autumn 2019


Charles Corrigan said...

"Set in Germany and starring Tobias Winter."

Will it feature Peter (and one of the Rivers of London)? Or truly a parallel novel?


Seymour Hamilton said...

When I was a little boy, my first history book was The Story of England by Fletcher and Kipling. It was simplistic, jingoistic, colonial and hyper-patriotic. It opened with Kipling's poem about the River Thames. My son and I were talking about Peter's journey back through time to the first bridge over the Thames, which triggered my memory. I found that I could quote almost all of the poem to my son, who remarked, "I'll bet Ben Aaronovitch knows this poem." In case Peter decides to revisit the River at or near its first bridge, here's something upon which to mull.

Twenty bridges from Tower to Kew
Wanted to know what the river knew
For they were young and the river was old
And this is the tale that the river told......