Friday, 28 April 2017

Research Failures Type 1

Research Failure Type 1


I don't mean to single out this particular comic production team for ridicule but this turned up on my Twitter timeline and it is soooo bad that I just had to make fun of it. But for a serious purpose.

Both these scenes are set somewhere in the UK...

Now I write comics so I know about deadlines, I marvel daily at an artist's ability to get that much good ink on paper(1) within the time allotted. I always try and source pictures of things and places to speed the process along.

Even ten years ago this could be a laborious task but now I found the following in less than 30 seconds.

30 Seconds. Now it's quite possible that the people who created this comic don't give a shit about research. That's fine in which case they wont mind being used as an illustration.

(1) Although these days it's more likely to be pixels


Mary Holland said...

That's an American ambulance, or sort of. Generally the signage is larger and the ambulance company name or police department is in large letters on the side. The chequerboard pattern is UK or EU. Either the illustrator watches nothing but Hollywood films, is unobservant, or an American. Possibly all three.

Dive Girl said...

They're parked on the wrong side of the street, too... Can't believe it's supposed to be set in the UK.

illusion2all said...

I am American. That is definitely an American Ambulance, an American police car, American uniforms, and American Crime scene or Caution tape. It all looked perfectly normal to me and I stared trying to figure out WTH was wrong (I've never had the pleasure of traveling anywhere) UNTIL the British pics were included. I then recoiled in horror and audibly winced at the (now) glaring errors. I agree-Either the artist was lazier than a field stone or American. --Sabrina