Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday Comic Tease

Completed Inks from Black Mould Issue 4
Out on the 25th January 2017


José Juan Contreras said...

Kittens? Seriously? Lol ;)

Unknown said...

Hi I am just reading The Hanging Tree and loving it. I live in Marylebone and work as archivist for The Royal Parks in Hyde Park, so was intrigued by the Chestnut Tree. At first I thought that you were using the City of Quebec, a haunt for a different demi-monde, as cover for it, but then you made it clear that it was a different pub. I really liked the flyer for a Lol Robinson gig; that and the reference to "Sir Samuel, patron saint of policemen", shows that we read the same books.

One minor quibble is that you are confusing Tyburn Brook, which runs from Bayswater Road to the Serpentine, with the River Tyburn, which runs from the west side of Hampstead Heath, through Regent's Park lake and then out through Clarence Gate (where you can hear it in the drain in the road), then down Marylebone Lane and across the St James's park lake and under Buckingham Palace before splitting in two and creating Thorney Island before hitting the Thames.

I know this stuff because I am a nerd and a Royal Parks archivist. We have some wonderful historical material that might interest you, plus someone who is the go-to guy on all matters fluvial. Email me if you would like to meet him or see our archives.

Unknown said...

I should have said: email is