Monday, 4 January 2016

Radio Three

Teenaged Life on Radio Three

Teenaged life is not something I routinely associated with BBC Radio Three (the BBCs classical and jazz channel) and so it is fitting they have called in to ancient brothers to discuss the subject. True this may have something to do with my brothers new book about our family's early years.

Called Party Animals: My Family and Other Communists available from all good bookshops and on Amazon etc. I enjoyed it particularly because it filled in a lot of gaps in my family knowledge. 

Here is an uncharacteristically pompous review by Alexei Sayle who I remember watching (before he was famous) at Party socials doing a hilarious routine about growing up communist.

Anyway David shall be plugging his book I shall be plugging David and the other guests will probably be wondering why we were invited.

When: Tuesday 5th January at 22:00
Where: BBC Radio Three

Plus, Matthew Sweet considers the social history of those difficult years talking to the neuroscientist Iroise Dumontheil of UCL and musician Viv Albertine and comparing different decades of teenage life. And Simon Stephens talks about the revival of his play Herons which explores the impact of gang bullying on a 14 year old boy.

Will be available on the iPlayer just as soon as they trim out all my swearing.

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