Monday, 14 September 2015

Body Work Issue #3 - Out This Wednesday

Inside This Month's Super Soaraway Issue!

 22 Pages of Rip Roaring Magical Crime Fighting Action

plus 5 Pages of Special Features

Interactive Fingermatic Page Turning System

Due to distribution problems there may be a delay in delivery of some copies of Issue #3. Fear not they are on their to your local friendly comic book shop even as speak, although possibly some of them are parked outside a truck stop near Millwakee.


Karan said...

Sorry about posting this here, but I don't know how else to bring it to your attention. I just found information about a fascinating underground city in Turkey, which totally reminded me of "Whispers Under Ground":
They even had livestock down there!

Quentin Stephens said...

Just published on the BBC: about the rivers Fleet, Tyburn et al.

Joe said...

I can't find #3 on Amazon for my Kindle. Is if available elsewhere?

Ben Aaronovitch said...

Try here.

Joe said...

Just tried it. It said since I'm in the US I must use the site here. Thanks, though.

Joe said...

Ok, wisdom has finally penetrated my feeble mind. I was able to download both 3&4 from iBooks. I didn't need my Kindle app at all. Amazon wasn't working anyway Anyone with an iPad can do that.